Faculty Profiles

Kathryn Bennett

Knowledge synthesis, translation and implementation in youth mental health

Terry Bennett
Terry Bennett

Development and mental health of children with ASD

Khrista Boylan
Khrista Boylan

Classification, diagnosis and treatment of youth with emotional dysregulation (specific focus on girls)

Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle

Contextual influences on child health over the early life-course

John Cairney
John Cairney

Epidemiology of mental health and mental health service use.

Jennifer Couturier

The etiology and treatment of adolescents with eating disorders

Chuck Cunningham
Chuck Cunningham

Modeling children’s mental health service delivery preferences

Eric Duku
Eric Duku

Statistics, research methodology and measurement in healthy child development

Jim Dunn

Impact of housing & neighbourhood interventions in healthy child development

Mark Ferro
Mark Ferro

Children with physical illness and mental disorder

Stelios Georgiades

Classification and life-course of children with autism

Kathy Georgiades 1
Kathy Georgiades

Mental health inequities

Andrea Gonzalez

Biological processes and early adversity

Geoffrey Hall

Neurodevelopmental disorders and psychopathology

Susan Jack

Community approaches to preventing family violence

Magdalena Janus 2
Magdalena Janus

Social determinants of children’s health and transition to school

Ellen Lipman

Child psychiatric epidemiology; community-based intervention studies

Picturing Wellness
Harriet MacMillan

Prevention of family violence

Alison Niccols
Alison Niccols

Infant/child development; parent-child interaction

Roberto Sassi Jan 2014
Roberto Sassi

Neurobiological mechanisms of mood disorders

Louis Schmidt
Louis Schmidt

Socio-emotional development; developmental psychophysiology

Noam Soreni

Cognition and neurobiology of pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder

Ryan Departmental Website Photo
Ryan Van Lieshout

Prenatal programming of mental disorders, parental psychopathology effects

Marc Woodbury-Smith

Diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorders and disorders of intellectual development in children and adults.