How can I support the Offord Centre?

You can support our work by participating in research studies if invited or by making a donation.

What is involved in taking part in research?

Details of the process for taking part in a study are available here.

If my child takes part in a study, is the information kept confidential?

Yes. Your privacy is very important. Names are replaced with numbers and all information collected is kept confidential. All identifying information is removed before results are analysed and reports are published.

Do study participants receive any pay?

People recruited to take part as study subjects are asked to volunteer their time and are not usually paid, but this depends on the particular study. Sometimes there may be a small token gift or reimbursement to cover expenses like bus fare or parking.

How can my family take part in a study at the Offord Centre?

Research studies often recruit particular types of volunteers, e.g., children of a certain age or with a specific condition, like asthma. Researchers recruiting volunteers will post information on the study, required volunteers and contact information on their study pages. A list of current studies can be found here.

Where are the researchers located?

The Offord Centre is located in Hamilton; however researchers are located or other sites within and outside Hamilton. Researchers and staff are listed in the directory along with their locations and contact information.

What ages of children are included in Offord Centre research?

Studies conducted by the Offord Centre have studied children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, depending on the research question. Research often also includes a parent or guardian.

Where can I get information or help about my child’s behaviour or emotional state?

Your doctor or other health care providers are the first step in seeking help if you have a concern about your child’s physical or mental health. Please look at our recommended links and partners for more information on who you can contact.

Can I get my child tested and diagnosed at the Offord Centre?

No. The Offord Centre is a research centre that studies issues relevant to large groups of children and youth. These studies do not focus on testing, diagnosing or treating individual children.

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