Through strategic planning and transformational change, the Offord Centre for Child Studies will focus inward over the next one to two years, strengthening internal processes, communications, and human resources to be ready for organizational expansion and growth. Over the following three to five years, our focus will shift externally, to continue recruiting exceptional trainees, expanding our scientific network, and integrating research with community partners and policy makers. By transforming the governance of the Offord Centre to actively include diverse voices, communities and research perspectives, we expect to co-create research in a meaningful way with our audiences, further solidifying the impact and relevance of our research efforts.

Staff and faculty at the Offord Centre for Child Studies are ambitious and strive for research excellence by engaging in meaningful community and policy connections through research. One of our goals as a centre is to be internationally renowned among the public as well as those in research, service and policy leadership for our expertise and generation of evidence in child and youth mental health. Other primary goals include fund development, knowledge translation and exchange, and global collaborations. We plan to meet these goals and uphold our mission, vision, values, and EDI commitment with the support of our staff and trainees, including our academic and non-academic partners around the world.

Core Values


Through the generation of high-quality, ethical research, we are committed to sharing accurate, detailed, and relevant knowledge with our partners and policymakers. We value excellence in both research and academic training environments – supporting our students and post-doctoral fellows on their educational journeys.


Collaboration is key at the Offord Centre, and we partner with a variety of researchers, service providers, and academic / non-academic institutions who similarly reflect our vision, mission and values.


The first step in becoming a diverse and equitable centre is to be inclusive. By fostering a sense of belonging in the Offord Centre community, we ensure that everyone feels welcomed as we explore new ideas, communicate our research, and make a difference in the lives of children and youth. 


Diversity drives research innovation. Through community outreach, we encourage people who have diverse interests and perspectives to join our centre, no matter their gender, race, age, ability, and / or educational background.  


Representation, accountability, and being treated fairly matters to us. At the Offord Centre, we strive to cultivate an equitable environment for all, where we acknowledge imbalances and advocate for change.

Our Mission

Generating research and evidence to influence practices, systems, and policies for children, youth, and those who care for them.

Our Vision

Optimal health and well-being for ALL children, youth, and those who care for them.

EDI Commitment

At the Offord Centre, we have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Through education and training, we engage with EDI principles and strategies, ensuring all members, staff and trainees are treated with respect. To further our commitment, we plan to integrate EDI into our research and strategic plans, remaining mindful of and inclusive to all our audiences. We welcome people to the centre who have diverse research interests, scope and perspectives, no matter their gender, race, age, ability, and educational background. Our goal at the centre is to foster an environment of belonging where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and safe.

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