Vision & Mission


The Offord Centre for Child Studies will generate new knowledge to improve the mental health of children and youth.


The Offord Centre for Child Studies leads the search for solutions that enhance the mental health of children by:

  • Leading scientific research that influences programs, policies and solutions that improve children’s life opportunities;
  • Forging partnerships with key stakeholders and policy-makers to apply research findings through families and communities to have maximum positive impact on children’s development;
  • Training the next generation of scientists and policy makers to carry on this mission.

As a recognized leader in conducting scientific research related to child development, The Offord Centre has played an important role in supporting evidence-based policies that improve the present and future lives of children, youth and families.

Centre research seeks answers about the emotional, developmental and behavioural problems children suffer from, including:

  • the prevalence, nature and development of such conditions
  • factors that affect or prevent their development, and
  • promising interventions and treatment strategies to help children and youth overcome negative emotional and behavioural concerns and lead more fulfilled lives.