Associate Members

Alphabetical List of Associate Members:

Name Affiliation Areas of Focus
Don Buchanan Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Knowledge mobilization More
Jean Clinton McMaster University Early child development More
Scott Davies University of Toronto Determinants of school achievement More
Bill Mahoney McMaster University Developmental pediatrics More
Cheryl Missiuna McMaster University Childhood disabilities More
Anne Rhodes University of Toronto/McMaster/ICES Child maltreatment More
 Peter Rosenbaum  McMaster University  Childhood development: behaviour and disability More
Mel Rutherford McMaster University Emotional development More
Peter Szatmari CAMH/Sick Kids/University of Toronto Psychiatric and genetic epidemiology More
Brian Timmons McMaster University Physical activity and fitness More
Christine Wekerle McMaster University Parenting and prevention of family violence More

Alphabetical List of Corresponding Members:

Name Affiliation Areas of Focus
John McLennan University of Calgary Interventions for vulnerable children More
Tracy Vaillancourt University of Ottawa Aggression and bullying More
Charlotte Waddell Simon Fraser University  Reducing mental health disparities More
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum University of Alberta Autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders     More