Dr. Teresa Bennett and the Offord Centre for Child Studies: Making the Race Fair

November 18, 2016


We are proud to have the Offord Centre’s very own Dr. Terry Bennett profiled by Hamilton Health Sciences Research Administration, which features researchers and projects that are tackling real-life, close-to-home Hamilton issues and having a positive effect on our patients, families and our community.  Along with a team of clinicians, researchers and trainees at McMaster Children’s Hospital and the Offord Centre for Child Studies, Dr. Bennett will lead “Making the Race Fair,” the first Canadian implementation and evaluation study of the Family Check-Up as an early intervention, to be delivered within high-needs Hamilton neighbourhoods.

Read the full profile here: http://www.hhsresearchadmin.ca/2016/11/dr-teresa-bennett-and-the-offord-centre-for-child-studies-mcmaster-childrens-hospitals-child-and-the-youth-mental-health-program-making-the-race-fair/ 

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