How will my donation to the Offord Centre for Child Studies be used?

July 8, 2014

Your gift may be used to support one of a number of initiatives:

  • General Fund
    Your gift will be used to support the most urgent needs of the Offord Centre for Child Studies.
  • Dan Offord Research Chair in Child Studies
    Your gift will help to fund an endowed research chair, named for Dr. Dan Offord, founder of the Centre for Child Studies.
  • Research Fellowships
    Your gift will provide the funding needed for early-career scientists to establish their independent research projects and to successfully obtain research grants to sustain future research on issues that have an impact on children’s mental health and development.
  • Public Education and Awareness
    Your gifts will support the translation of important research findings into language that can be understood by everyone and that can be implemented in the community.

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