Sources of Revenue

Annual operations at the Offord Centre for Child Studies represent an investment of more than $3.5 million.

1. Core Operations ($1.3 million annually) are covered by three revenue sources:

  • McMaster University (24%) – provides Core Research Faculty Salaries and a proportion (13%) of support staff salaries
  • Hamilton Health Sciences (10%) – provides physical space as well as cleaning and maintenance services
  • Philanthropic support (4%) – assists the Offord Centre in maintaining and expanding our ability to fulfill our mission on a daily basis:
    • Research chairs & professorships
    • Pilot study funding
    • Post-graduate fellowships and scholarships
    • Communication & education programs
    • Infrastructure support for research programs such as furniture, equipment, and computers, telephone, fax, and office supplies, staffing costs not covered by other sources, mailing costs, etc.

2. Research grants (62%) – ($2.6 million annually) support more than 40 different research projects ongoing at the Offord Centre.