The Offord Centre for Child Studies invites members of the community to attend our first Public Lecture, Violence in the Home: What the Public Needs to Know.

February 27, 2020
Doors open at 6:45 p.m.
7-9 p.m.
175 Longwood Rd S. Hamilton
McMaster Innovation Park
Conference Room 1

An Offord Centre for Child Studies Public Lecture by Dr. Harriet MacMillan with guest discussants, Anna-Marie Pietrantonio and Darina Vasek.

Violence in the home is one of the most important risk factors for physical and mental health problems in young people. Often it is unrecognized by parents and other family members.

The presenter and panelists will discuss how children experience violence in the home, the effects of violence and ways to help children and families through prevention and treatment.

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