At the Offord Centre, we are passionate about supporting our students and training the next generation of high-level researchers. In partnership with McMaster University, we developed the Child Health Specialization of the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program – where students explore child health, development and community involvement through the contexts of various scientific and inquiry based models.

Opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate students to join research teams, including postdoctoral-fellowships. If you are a student, we encourage you to reach out directly to the Core Member and/or research team you would like to work with, expressing your interest and relevant details.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Offord Centre for Child Studies is made up of research teams with a wide range of opportunities. While some research teams may actively post volunteer positions, some research teams may not have the space to accommodate new members. To find out more information on what’s available, we ask that you follow the websites of our research teams and connect with the appropriate Research Coordinator or Core Member of choice.

Job Opportunities

Interested in joining the Offord Centre for Child Studies? We’d love to welcome you to our ever-growing, interdisciplinary research centre! For the latest job postings and professional announcements, stay tuned to our social media channels and apply through the McMaster University Job Board.

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