McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART)

Offord Centre Team Leads: Dr. Stelios Georgiades, Dr. Terry Bennett, and Dr. Eric Duku

The McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART) aims to bridge the research-to-practice gap in Autism,  fostering collaboration among the families, researchers, clinicians, educators, and policymakers whose lives and work are touched by Autism.


Equity from the Start Research Team

The Equity from the Start Team conducts research on children’s early developmental health, and social determinants of educational and health trajectories, mostly using Canadian population-wide kindergarten Early Development Instrument (EDI) database which facilitates linkages to other datasets relevant for informing educators and influencing government programs, investments, and policy.


The STRoNG Families Research Lab (Strengthening Ties and Roots, Nurturing Growth)

The STRoNG Families Research Lab conducts a variety of studies that examine consequences of early life adversity, parenting and family health, intergenerational transmission of risk, stress physiology and the development/evaluation of evidence-based preventive interventions.


Advancing Youth Mental Health (AYM)

Advancing Youth Mental Health (AYM) is an interdisciplinary research team, dedicated to conducting high-quality child and youth mental health research that informs policy and practice, increasing access to effective mental health care for all.


VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, Action) Project Research Team

Guided by research, The VEGA Project team created pan-Canadian, evidence-based guidance and education resources to assist healthcare and social service providers in recognizing and responding safely to family violence. The team focuses on child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, and children’s exposure to intimate partner violence.


RISE (Researching the Impact of Service Provider Education) Project Research Team

Offord Centre Lead: Dr. Melissa Kimber

The RISE Project research team, comprised of clinician-scientists and scholars with a depth and breadth of experience, use a model of implementation science to understand the family violence learning needs and preferences of social work and physician trainees and practitioners in Canada.


Public Health Nursing Practice, Research and Education Program

Team Lead: Dr. Susan Jack

The Public Health Nursing Practice, Research and Education Program (PHN-PREP) develops, evaluates, and mobilizes evidence-informed resources to support public health nurses, supervisors, and home visiting program teams provide care and support individuals and families enrolled in home visitation programs.


Family Check-Up Canada Research Team

Team Lead: Dr. Terry Bennett

The Family Check-Up Canada Team evaluates the “Family Check-Up” through a Canadian context and explores the initiative as a targeted prevention/early intervention program aimed at addressing childhood emotional and behavioural concerns.


Couturier Lab

The goal of The Couturier Lab is to advance pediatric eating disorder research, focusing on psychotherapy approaches and the implementation of these treatments.


ALERT (Adolescents Learning Emotion Regulation Treatments) Research Lab

Team Lead: Dr. Khrista Boylan

The ALERT Research Lab studies emotion regulation processes in youth at risk of mental disorders and tests interventions that help adolescents regulate emotions better.

Dr. Laura Duncan’s Research Team

Team Lead: Dr. Laura Duncan

Dr. Laura Duncan’s research generates evidence and measurement tools that support a population health approach to the assessment of child/youth mental health needs and the provision of services to address these needs.

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Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Pediatric OCD Consultation Service Lead: Dr. Noam Soreni

The ATRC’s mission is to provide excellence and leadership in evidence-based clinical service, education and research for anxiety disorders, offering comprehensive evaluations and proven treatments for anxiety-related conditions.


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