The POND Network Featured in the Globe and Mail

April 25, 2016

Recently, the Globe and Mail featured the Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders (POND) Network in an article about ADHD, OCD and autism. This trailblazing project, which is sponsored by the provincially funded Ontario Brain Institute, examines the brain development in children with neurodevelopmental disorders in order to better understand the biology of these disorders.

Stelios Georgiades, an associate member of McMaster University’s Offord Centre for Child Studies, is a local investigator on the POND project. Through the POND Network study, the Offord Centre is currently recruiting individuals with ASD and OCD for the POND Network study. All subjects that take part in the POND study will be invited to participate in the imaging and medication trials.

Neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)) are often attributed to atypical brain development in early life. These disorders usually present in early childhood and are influenced by a variety of biological and environmental factors. Ultimately, through the POND Network study, we wish to gain a deeper understanding of what causes ASD and OCD in children, and take a step towards developing diagnostic markers for neurodevelopmental disorders as a whole.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information on the study, visit our POND Network: Imaging Sub-Study page or contact Christina Chrysler at or by phone at 905-525-9140 X 21259 or 1-888-3AUTISM.

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