Our researchers study a variety of mental health topics affecting children and youth, including depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and more. Through research, we strive to better understand child and youth mental health, informing treatment supports and resources for families and caregivers. Researchers also explore how environments and inequities affect the mental health and well-being of various communities, including newcomers to Canada.

Selected Projects

  • TransitionED: Co-Designing and Implementing Canadian Practice Guidelines for Transitions for Youth with Eating Disorders 
  • I AM SAFE: A Focused Suicide Prevention Strategy for Youth Presenting to the Emergency Department with Suicide-Related Behaviour 
  • Mental Well-Being and Help-Seeking among Refugee Children and Families in Hamilton
  • Exploring the Cognitive and Behavioural Mechanisms of Neuromodulation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Canadian Longitudinal Health Survey on Children and Youth (CHSCY 2023)
  • TeenageĀ GirlsĀ Emotion Regulation Study (TiGER)
  • Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS)

Researchers Include:

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