Participant Rights

As a Research Participant, you have the right to…

  • Have enough time to decide whether or not to participate in the study, and make that decision without any pressure from the researchers
  • Refuse to be in the study at all, or stop participating whenever you choose
  • Be told what the study is about, what will happen to you, and what you will be asked to do
  • Be informed about any potential risks or benefits as a result of participating
  • Be informed about any costs involved with participating, or any compensation you may receive for your participation
  • Be told who will have access to your data and how it will be protected to ensure your privacy
  • Be told who to contact about any questions you may have
  • Receive a copy of the consent form you will sign
  • Ask any question you may have

The Researchers’ responsibilities include…

  • Following the REB-approved research study protocol
  • Obtaining informed consent from all participants
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of all participants
  • Informing participants about any changes to the risks or benefits of the study
  • Receiving approval from the REB for any changes made to the study
  • Responding in a timely manner to all participants questions or concerns