Study Information

Motor coordination is an important component of a child’s development.  Children with low motor coordination are more likely to be overweight and unfit by the time they are teenagers.  To better understand how to help these children, we are following a group of young children and looking at their motor coordination, physical activity and fitness and how they relate to each other and change over time.

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Team Members

Principal Investigators:  Dr. John Cairney, Dr. Cheryl Missiuna, Dr. Brian Timmons

Co-investigators:  Dr. Michelle Howard, Dr. Matthew Kwan, Dr. David Price, Lisa Rivard, Scott Veldhuizen, Dr. Terry Wade, Dr. Gita Wahi

Research Coordinator:   Christine Rodriguez

Research Assistants:  Christie Tasch, Sarah Wellman, Sara King-Dowling, Tuyen Le

Primary Contact:  Christine Rodriguez,  905-525-9140, ex 27528 or at


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Study Period: 2013-2018