Study Information

The McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART) is an interdisciplinary partnership between Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster Children’s Hospital, and McMaster University, aiming to bridge the research-to-practice gap in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The proximity of academic researchers, clinicians, and clinician-scientists at McMaster University and McMaster Children’s Hospital makes this a unique place in Canada with the capacity to advance autism care through meaningful research, using its combination of expertise and infrastructure.

The aim of this interdisciplinary initiative – made up of over 30 leading researchers from 11 departments and 5 research centres – will lead to novel discoveries and more precise, evidence-based treatments in ASD.  The development and implementation of this initiative will be achieved through systematic collaboration amongst researchers and clinicians with different expertise from the following three research platforms: (1) Clinical; (2) Biomedical; and (3) Social/contextual determinants. To integrate and analyze data, a Bioinformatics platform will cut across the other three platforms.

Funding & Support

  • McMaster Children’s Hospital & McMaster Children's Hospital Research Collaborative
  • Hamilton Health Sciences & Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
  • McMaster University

Team Members

Primary Investigators – Dr. Stelios Georgiades; Dr. Teresa Bennett
Co-Investigators – Dr. Caroline Roncadin, Dr. Bill Mahoney, Dr. Ronit Mesterman, Mrs. Colleen Anderson, Dr. Guillaume Paré, Dr. Rebecca Anglin, Dr. Ellen Badone, Dr. Joseph Beyene, Dr. Kerry Boyd, Dr. John Connolly, Dr. Briano DiRezze, Dr. Laurie Doering, Dr. Eric Duku, Dr. Margaret Fahnestock, Dr. Jane Foster, Dr. Kathy Georgiades, Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, Dr. Geoff Hall, Dr. Magdalena Janus, Dr. Nick Kates, Dr. Olaf Kraus De Camargo, Dr. Jo-Ann Reitzel, Dr. Peter Rosenbaum, Dr. Karun Singh, Dr. Noam Soreni, Dr. Peter Szatmari, Dr. Marc Woodbury-Smith, Dr. Mark Tucci, Dr. Diana Parvinchi, Dr. Vivian Lee, Dr. Stephen Gentles, Dr. Paul McNicholas, Dr. Florence Roullet, Dr. Stephanie Lavoie, Katia Jitlina, Dr. Victoria Galea, Dr. Dawn Bowdish, Grace Teskey, Navita Dyal


Research coordinator: Anna Kata

Primary Contact: Anna Kata at 905 525 9140 ext. 21511 ()


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Study Period: 2016-2019