Study Information

A component of the 2014 OCHS includes a sub-study enlisting schools across Ontario, in order to study school-level influences on student mental health.  This will be done by:  (1) estimating differences between schools in levels of student mental health problems; (2) identifying school-level variables that account for these differences; and (3) quantifying the extent to which schools mute the adverse effects of SES disadvantage on mental health.  180 elementary schools and 60 secondary schools across the province will be selected to participate.  Students, teachers, and principals will be asked to complete surveys about their school climate, student mental health, and school mental health programs and practices.  This information will be collected from approximately 26,496 students (grades 6-12), 3,552 teachers, and 240 principals.  Results will be shared with policymakers and stakeholders collaborating on the study, and with the public, for purposes of informing the development of programs and policies in schools to benefit children in Ontario and beyond.

Funding & Support

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Team Members

Primary InvestigatorsDr. Michael Boyle; Dr. Kathy Georgiades

Co-Investigators –  Dr. Kathryn Bennett; Dr. Wendy Craig; Dr. Scott Davies; Dr. Eric Duku; Dr. Magdalena Janus; Dr. Ian Manion; Dr. Kathy Short; Dr. Mark Weist

Past Trainees – Juliana Tobon


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Study Period: 2014 - 2016