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30 years after the original Ontario Child Health Study was conducted in 1983, researchers from the Offord Centre and from institutions across North America are preparing for a sequel to this landmark study.

In partnership with Statistics Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ministry of Child and Youth Services and Ministry of Education, the 2014 OCHS will investigate the mental health and functioning of 13,500 randomly-selected Ontario children and adolescents aged 4-17 years. The 2014 OCHS will include in-home assessments, permission to obtain teacher assessments on participating children in elementary school and, in a subset of elementary and high schools, anonymous student and teacher assessments of school-climate and school mental health resources (School Mental Health Surveys). The information collected will be used to estimate current levels of student mental health and help to delineate the effects of families, neighbourhoods and schools on child functioning and health.

Funding & Support

Canadian Institutes of Health Research & Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Health Services Research Fund

Team Members

Primary InvestigatorsDr. Michael Boyle; Dr. Kathy Georgiades
Co-Investigators – Dr. Tracie Afifi; Dr. William Avison; Dr. Kathryn Bennett; Dr. Teresa Bennett; Dr. Khrista Boylan; Dr. Michelle Butt; Dr. John Cairney; Dr. Kristin Cleverley; Dr. Charles Cunningham; Dr. Scott Davies; Dr. Melanie Dirks; Dr. James Dunn; Dr. Mark Ferro; Dr. Andrea Gonzalez; Dr. Magdalena Janus; Dr. Jennifer Jenkins; Dr. Ellen Lipman; Dr. Harriet MacMillan; Dr. Ian Manion; Dr. John McLennan; Dr. Amelie Petitclerc; Dr. Anne Rhodes; Dr. Peter Rosenbaum; Dr. Roberto Sassi; Cody Shepherd; Dr. Peter Szatmari; Dr. Ryan Van Leishout; Dr. Charlotte Waddell; Dr. Christine Wekerle; Eric Duku; Dr. Stelios Georgiades; Dr. Noam Soreni; Dr. Ian Colman; Dr. Corine Carlisle; Dr. Joanna Henderson; Dr. Louis Schmidt; Dr. Geoffrey Hall; Dr. Claire de Oliveira; Dr. Graham Reid; Dr. Brian Timmons
Study coordinators – Laura Duncan; Melissa Kimber; Anna Kata

Past Trainees – Juliana Tobon

Primary Contact: Laura Duncan at 905 525 9140 ext. 21504


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Study Period: 2013-2018