It takes more than research grants to build promising futures for children.

The Offord Centre for Child Studies could not do what it does without the generosity of our many corporate and individual donors.

Their investment allows us to engage in promising new research, transfer evidence-based knowledge to communities, and support the work of emerging scientists – things that are not generally covered by academic research grants.

Every dollar counts in the life of a child.

Please donate to help support our ongoing research.

The Offord Centre for Child Studies is home to some of the world’s best and most innovative research on children’s mental health and early child development.

At the Offord Centre we:

  • Create new knowledge addressing the problems of early child development and children’s mental health;
  • Share this knowledge to improve policies and programs affecting children and youth; and
  • Train future scientists who will work to improve the life quality and life opportunities of children.

Your donation will be used to:

  1. Support research chairs like the Dan Offord Research Chair in Child Studies
  2. Attract new and talented researchers to the Centre
  3. Fund pilot studies that explore innovative, new areas of research
  4. Make important research findings available to parents, clinicians, educators and policy makers so they can make informed decisions around which treatments and services to choose or to fund.
  5. Provide post-doctoral fellowships and research scholarships for the next generation of children’s mental health scientists.

DONATE NOW using our secure on-line service. Please go to the section “designation,” and choose “Other” in the drop-down menu there; then type “Offord Centre” in the space indicated. (See screen capture here.)How to Donate to Offord Centre

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