The Offord Centre conducts research on how best to provide treatment and services for children experiencing difficulties. This includes studies on how services are used, how service usage can be improved, how disorders can be measured and how interventions can be implemented.

Research includes:

Service Usage:

  • service utilization among young mothers
  • evaluation of the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview and use of consumer preference modeling strategies
  • estimating the use of medical services in adults who meet diagnostic criteria for a major mental disorder

Treatments and Interventions:

  • early intervention services for mental health problems
  • optimizing the health of women with substance use issues and their children
  • evaluating treatment and interventions including home visitation, CBT, specialised eating disorder treatment
  • evaluating the effectiveness of an Intimate Partner Violence curriculum embedded in the Nurse Family Partnership in preventing IPV
  • design and evaluation of school-wide programs to prevent aggression and violence

Measurement and classification:

  • questions surrounding the classification of child and adolescent psychiatric disorder
  • screening and early identification of preschool-aged children with disruptive behaviour disorders
  • measurement development for emotional dysregulation within disruptive behaviour disorders
  • evaluation of Nipissing Developmental District Screening Tool to screen for developmental delay
  • analysing preliminary data on an Early Child Development Index for 3- and 4-year-olds in 12 country samples



The following are the studies with websites, which our researchers are involved in within this area of focus:

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