Centre of Knowledge Pamphlets

The Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development was designed to focus on certain disorders, behaviour problems, and life circumstances that can have a significant impact on children’s health and well-being.  The Centre of Knowledge’ website underwent transition, and we are housing the information pamphlets produced by the Centre of Knowledge here.


We have recently updated the information pamphlets, and the new 2017 versions are available below.  Please click on the links below to download one-page pamphlets on a variety of disorders:

We have also updated the new information pamphlets in French:


We are working on securing funding for translating these updated pamphlets. In the meantime, we have archived the previous versions of the pamphlets in other languages. Click on the language below to download a zip file of the pamphlets – PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT THE MOST UP-TO-DATE VERSIONS.